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Affordable spine and brain surgery in Mexico.

Medical Tourism

Puerto Vallarta has become one of the leading destinations in the world for medical tourism.You do not have to travel thousands of miles on a flight of 10-15 hours to places like Asia or Europe to obtain quality treatment. Mexico has become a favorite place for medical tourism due to its proximity to the United States and Canada. For many years, Puerto Vallarta has been visited by thousands of patients who wish to have medical treatment in a beautiful place.

The medical tourism has featured specialized surgeries, preventive treatment, checkups, and recovery process of the tourists. One of the reasons medical tourism is popular in Puerto Vallarta is that medical care is cheaper and more affordable in Mexico than in the USA and other advanced countries that also have the cutting-edge medical infrastructure.
Neurosurgery in Mexico is formed by a group of neurosurgeons specializing in different areas.
Our services are performed in the best hospitals in the city by qualified doctors. If you have contacted another company to request information about neurosurgery treatments, you’ve probably noticed that they are intermediary companies. We have no middlemen, and the required information is provided directly by our staff and doctors.

We understand that the excessive cost of medical treatments in North America is the main reason why patients travel to another country for treatment.

If you or someone you know needs a neurological surgery at a much lesser cost than in the United States or Canada and with the same quality, please contact us.


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Minimally invasive surgery is an alternative to open surgery that has become a great therapeutic advance, which also reduces the costs derived from prolonged hospital stays on unnecessary occasions or the use of more surgical material, which is achieved increase patient satisfaction and comfort. To this end, microscopes and navigation micro-cameras are used to allow surgery with a minimum opening in the patient’s body.

The incision for minimally invasive spinal surgery is even smaller than that used in microsurgery at approximately 1 inch across. The tubular retractor that is used to provide access to the spinal column measures around ¾ of an inch across and pushes between the muscles in the back rather than requiring them to be stripped away and held back forcibly. A fiber-optic light and tiny camera are inserted through this created tunnel to give the surgeon excellent visual access to the problematic area of the spine.

Tiny instruments such as mini-forceps, curettes, trephines, rasps, burrs, cutters, and probes are then inserted as required to remove the herniated fragment of disc, problematic osteophyte growth, or other material. Nerve root decompression can then occur as the material impinging upon it is extracted using cutting and suction through a discectome (hollow suction tube).


  • Less pain after surgery
  • Short hospital stay
  • Lower infection rate
  • Reincorporation to the normal activity faster
  • Improves the aesthetic result
  • Less blood loss
  • Lower risk of complications in general
  • Greater safety in surgical procedures due to the possibility of enlarging the image with the microscope.



Dr. Luis A. Robles  is a doctor who graduated from the University of Guadalajara.   He is certified by the Council of his area and is characterized for utilizing the highest standards of quality and care. Dr Robles has several publications in the most important international Neurosurgery journals.

We have a large group of experts highly specialized in treating diseases of the brain, spinal cord, spine, and nerves either through the use of the latest surgical procedures.

We use the most recent and sophisticated technology for the treatment of diseases such as:

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Dr. Luis Robles

Neurosurgeon in Puerto Vallarta

Consultorio: Hospiten Hospital – Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio 3970
Villa Las Flores, 48335
Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
Tel. 322 22 62080

E-mail: info@neurosurgeryinmexico.com

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