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Q?How do I know if I am a candidate for any neurosurgical functional procedure?

Functional neurosurgical procedures are indicated when medical treatment has failed to improve a patient’s condition. In the case of movement disorders (Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor or dystonia), if your neurologist considers that all available medical treatment have failed to improve your condition, he or she may indicate or suggests that you are candidate for a surgical treatment. In case of psychiatric disorders, your psychiatrist should inform you about this treatment option. The same process is done when you are dealing with a painful condition, your pain management specialist can inform you about surgical techniques to try to improve your symptoms.
Very likely we will need to request a medical report and a letter from your specialist stating that you are candidate for any type of functional surgery. We do not decide if you are candidate for surgical treatment but we can suggest what kind of procedure is suitable for you. Please send us an email if you would like to know about different neurosurgical procedures that we perform.

Q?What kind of patients are not suitable to have surgery with you?

Some surgical procedures carry a high surgical risk (either by the type of disease or due to the patient’s conditions). In these cases is difficult to provide a quote.

Q?What is included in the quote?

Hospital fees (operating room, ICU, medications, lab tests,), medical fees (surgeons, anesthesiologist, nurse assistants) and airport-hotel transportation. (Due to the variability in costs, flights and hotels are not included.)

Q?What is the process to apply for any surgical treatment?

You need to send us an email informing us of what kind of surgery you need. In some conditions the indication for surgery is pretty obvious, but sometimes we will need a report from your treating specialist saying that you are candidate to any given procedure (this step is specially for surgery of movement disorders, surgery for psychiatric conditions and surgery for pain).
Our doctors will then discuss your case. You will receive a response informing you if we consider that you suitable to have surgery with us. If we decide you qualify to have a procedure performed, you will receive a quote.

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