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    Techniques for Psychiatric Disorders: Ablative Surgery, Deep Brain Stimulation, Vagus Nerve Stimulation…

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Located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta tourist zone, our team has selected top hospitals as the prime destination for Neuro Surgery, receiving patients that come from all around the world especially the United States and Canada.

These hospitals have integrated a medical system that has specialists in emergency treatments, with doctors available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. They offer the latest in technology caring for trauma, shock, endoscopy, dialysis, intensive care and surgeries. As well, the installations are cutting edge in imaging (CT Scan, X-ray, Ultrasound) using a digitalized system. Lab is on-site. Blood Bank services available.

All of the rooms are private with a sofa-bed and recliner for your companion. Also air conditioning, satellite TV, telephone, WIFI and private bathroom with full shower. There are 4 full operating rooms equipped with the latest and modern technology. Recovery rooms are with digital monitoring and staffed throughout the anesthesia recovery and a fully Bilingual medical staff.

Hospital facilities

  • Regular rooms
  • ICU beds
  • Operating Rooms
  • Outpatient Offices
  • Emergency rooms
  • Labour Rooms
  • Cathlab
  • TAC
  • MRI
  • Doctor’s offices


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