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Puerto Vallarta has become one of the leading destinations in the world for medical tourism.Puerto Vallarta is a popular tropical paradise that is directly accessible from many major airports in the U.S. and Canada. Prior to your arrival, our team will work with you to secure luxury accommodations at special patient rates. Rather than recovering in your home, you can recover on the beach and fly home within a week of your surgery. Our doctors will carefully guide you through each step of your recovery, visiting you at your hotel and helping you onto your flight back home.

While being in Vallarta, experience it’s warmth, history, modern areas, vibrant places, charm and friendliness. Discover a place to relax, lonely beaches and the latest in ecotourism and extreme adventure. Stroll down the Malecón, that lines the city’s historic center and waterfront.

Enjoy the famous open air sculptures and lose yourself in a breathtaking sunset.
Spend the day at Los Muertos Beach and the brand new pier. Find the boutiques and art galleries, shop at any of the dozens of market stalls that line the walkway.

Explore the beautiful tropical canopy that covers the mountains and is home to hundreds of species of birds and orchids, as well as the wildlife such as ocelot, badger, jaguar, and iguana. Observe the humpback whales as they leap into the air, and the dolphins frolic close by, and go deep sea fishing for marlin, snapper, sailfish, tuna, and sea bass.

Malecón Puerto Vallarta

Some of the reasons for choosing Puerto Vallarta to visit are our mild climate, the extraordinarily friendly people who live here, the wonderfully varied excursions and tours available, the great selection of first class restaurants and all in a location known for its security and safety, it’s one of the safest tourist destinations in the world.

Medical tourism is growing in popularity, and procedures performed by highly skilled professionals can cost from 1/4 to 1/2 what they do in other first world countries. Cosmetic surgery, operations to correct obesity, hip and knee replacements are only a few of the procedures opted for in Puerto Vallarta.

People are realizing that besides being a beautiful tropical paradise, Puerto Vallarta offers great medical facilities along with board certified and bi-lingual physicians.


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