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From: Chorley, Lancashire England
Brain trauma/brain surgery


 Whilst on holiday in Nuevo Vallarta, I was involved in an accident whereby a roof tile fell from a 7 storey building and impacted with my head. The tile penetrated the skull and a piece lodged approximately 5cm inside my brain. I presented with slurred speech and loss of feeling to my left hand side. I required immediate surgery to remove the embedded piece of tile.

Dr. Luis Robles performed an urgent craniotomy and debridement. He and his team oversaw my post operative recovery in the following weeks, which included physiotherapy, before I was allowed to return home to the UK. I have made a near full recovery.The care I received from Dr Robles and the team at the  hospital was fantastic. I cannot thank Dr Robles and his team enough for what they did for me. Without their skill and care I would not be here today, now with two beautiful children.

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