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From:   Calgary Alberta,Canada

Migrated herniated disc/ lumbar discectomy
 Following a flight from Calgary to Puerto Vallarta the first week of November 2015, I had low back pain, initially treated with muscle relaxants. Two days later this became intense sciatic pain in the upper left leg. The sciatic pain became incapacitating and did not respond to strong analgesics. I was fortunate to be seen promptly by Dr. Robles. An MRI showed disc herniation at L3-4, a disc fragment had extruded and migrated into the spinal column causing nerve root compression. Narcotics and rest did not help the excruciating pain and I also had weakness of the left leg. Dr. Robles took much time with me to discuss my condition, options and surgery. I decided to have emergency surgery performed by Dr. Robles in Puerto Vallarta, rather than take a Medivac plane back to my home country. I was in no condition to travel and wanted to prevent further nerve damage. Surgery was performed on December 01.  When I awoke, I was free of pain! The  hospital care was excellent The caring professional staff, prompt medical attention and excellent meals supported my recovery. I was discharged December 3 and recovered to 80% capacity over the next two weeks, needing only minimal pain medication.

Complete recovery took about one year to be free of all symptoms. Since then my back has been better than ever! I was shortly back on my bicycle at 80 years of age and doing 30 Km. I owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Robles.

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