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From: Vancouver BC, Canada

Subdural hematoma/craniotomy

  Katherine had a fall on February 16,2018. She suffered a subdural hematoma and was unconscious when transferred to the hospital by ambulance. She was put into a induced coma and Dr. Robles and his team performed brain surgery. She was in the coma for six days and was then transferred by Medi-Vac to a hospital in Vancouver,Canada. She was discharged from the hospital on April 6, 2018.She is home now and she is recovering well and living a normal life. Had it not been for the superb treatment by Dr. Robles and his supportingteam, she probably have died that day. Words cannot adequately describe the depth of our gratitude, but is heartfelt.

We love Mexico and Puerto Vallarta and looking forward to returning to Puerto Vallarta in February,2019.

Thanks again, you are wonderful people.
John and Katherine Booth

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