Diagnosis: Cerebral arteriovenous malformation


In October 2020 I suffered a cerebral hemorrhage caused by an arteriovenous malformation, I lost consciousness when transferred to the hospital, fortunately, moments later Dr. Luis Robles performed surgery to remove the bleeding,

Several weeks later,  the arterio-venous malformation resection surgery was performed, followed immediately by a cranioplasty to reposition the cranial bone, surgeries performed by Dr. Juan Jose Ramirez and Dr. Luis Robles. Both procedures were carried out with the best possible success!

Today,7 months later and thanks to the hard effort, work, and above all great human effort of both doctors; Luis A. Robles and Juan Jose Ramirez, I have resumed and recovered my life, they allowed me to see my baby born and above all I will always be eternally grateful to both of them for giving me the opportunity to stay alive to be with my family. Without a doubt, the world needs more professionals like them!